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The Minuet Group offers Performance Improvement strategies. We assist organizations and executive leadership to unlock innovation and solve challenges. Our trusted advisors provide assessments, recommendations, research, and execution services.

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We are industry leaders and we produce measurable results for our clients, every time!

Executive and Career Coaching

Offer holistic career strategies for mid-career professionals and up, creating a your quantifiable success narrative and envisioning future opportunities.

Human Resources Management

We provide change management, employee engagement, leadership, organizational culture, talent management, and organizational effectiveness.

Strategy and Operations

Assist organizations get the right people, processes, systems and policies in place to run more efficiently, grow faster, and increase value.

Professional and Motivational Speakers

Match organizations and professional speakers for their programming needs: conferences, affinity group celebrations, keynote speakers

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Our advisors are continually envisioning the future of work.
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For 2030, leaders envision the lasting changes from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) causing millions to work remotely. Here are independent POVs predicting growth opportunities for areas impact by remote:

Workstyles – formal telework policies 
Management – supervisors trained to manage distributed teams
Technology – tools for collaboration outside the office
Co-working Spaces – customized and diverse co-working spaces
Companies – more Fully Remote Organizations (FROGs)  
Travel – hospitality for traveling teleworkers, digital nomads
Cities – mid or Tier 2 cities attracting remote workers


Clients include corporations, government agencies, foundations, think-tanks, non-profit organizations. Here are a few testimonials.

“Working with The Minuet Group as my executive coach has been an invaluable part of my career journey thus far. I’m so grateful that I can call on the team for candid advice and to assist me in creating an action plan. The Minuet Group coached me through my most recent job transition—not only improving compensation, but work-life balance as well. The Minuet Group has a thorough intake process where you evaluate your current position and map out where you ultimately want to be. With The Minuet Group’s guidance I was able to negotiate a 30% salary increase. The Minuet Group continues to plug me in to exciting opportunities because they have a well-rounded understanding of my interests. Whether they are sharing personalized feedback for your professional development or helping you sharpen your career goals, you’d be lucky to have The Minuet Group on your team.”A. Lyons, Account Success Manager, Zeel, St. Louis, Missouri, Wesleyan University, The Brearley School


10 years of working with The Minuet Group and the experience gets better every time. They have an excellent ability to coach me through the highs and lows of my career. First, The Minuet Group took my college essays to another level and then helped me land an awesome internship. Now as a professional the check-in calls are even more interesting. From onboarding into a new company, understanding the new culture, establishing goals with my boss and team, The Minuet Group has the tools to assist. Most companies offer a generic resume review; however, The Minuet Group offers advice that will help you in a variety of situations. Happy customer right here!
N. Swinton, Sales Account Executive, FedEx, Morehouse College


The Minuet Group was able to get my resume back to me very quickly with tangible suggestions and recommendations that ACTUALLY improved my resume. After having no interviews, shortly after working with The Minuet Group, I was able to land to super competitive consulting interviews thanks to my new and improved resume. The services are definitely worth the price of admission and I recommend it.”

– K. Washington, MBA Pepperdine University, Manufacturing Engineer, Hydra-Electric Company, Los Angeles


“With the help of The Minuet Group’s coaching, mentoring and constructive feedback, I was able to earn an acceptance letter to a top 5 business school. The Minuet Group provided coaching and mentoring to empower me to develop actions and a timeline resulting in a strong MBA application. They also reviewed and provided constructive feedback on the content of my MBA applications including my resume and essays. What stood out most throughout our conversations was The Minuet Group’s constant focus leading me back to my end goal which was getting into a top business school. The proof is in the results and I can’t thank The Minuet Group enough for his help and support!”

– W. Edmonds, HR Manager, Corning Inc., Cornell University, Charlotte, North Carolina

“The Minuet Group was a tremendous resource when I was in the process of reevaluating my career goals and options.  Their superior skills in providing valuable input with regards to my resume and my approach to my job search was invaluable. While The Minuet Group’s suggestions hurt the ego, they were needed to properly adjust my mindset which led to me receiving various offers for positions I was never considered for previously.”

– W. Kwan, Agency Managing Director, MassMutual Financial Group, Paramus, New Jersey, State University of New York, Albany


“Wow! I’m a Navy veteran and The Minuet Group has saved my butt so many times! The Minuet Group understands the big picture and theory while having the ability to be pragmatic and provide tools that I can use quickly. They listen to your problem! The Minuet Group challenges your thinking about the problem! I loved that they provide a structure to identify and prioritize challenges and opportunities. One of the most fun experiences was The Minuet Group convincing me, a financial services veteran with 20 years of experience to do marketing differently. We packaged a strategy to make our team more accessible to a causal audience while maintaining our professional image. Under his guidance, we entered the US Chamber of Commerce Free Enterprise Tour. We came in 10 out of 1,000 applicants! More importantly, the buzz and media increased client calls by 50% and we obtained 10 new clients.”

–  W. Swinton, JP Morgan Chase, Swinton Consulting, US Navy

“Winner! Compassionate! Innovative! Those are the words that come to mind when I think of The Minuet Group. For 20 years, I have known The Minuet Group and they deliver. For New York Edge, they have helped beyond his scope because they care. For example, The Minuet Group has assisted with our professional staff development day for our 100+ site directors. Their motivational speeches tied into serving our customer base and improving the employee experience was amazing. When The Minuet Group spoke, the audience was totally tuned in. They has assisted with our fundraising efforts providing testimonials of our impact to over 50,000 NYC students. At our gala with former Mayor David Dinkins, The Minuet Group sat with him for an hour explaining the value of our services. Then The Minuet Group went on stage, retold the story in 10 minutes and helped us secure an additional $75,000 donation from Merryl Tisch. That is on top of her normal contribution. A few years later, The Minuet Group assisted us secure a $300,000 AT&T grant. Although they see the day-to-day impact, The Minuet Group constantly pushed us to see more and provide introductions to their unlimited contacts.”

– A. Sultan, Program Manager, New York Edge / Sports and Arts In School Foundation

“The Minuet Group was assertive and proactive enough to introduce themselves in a random retail store encounter and then follow up with years of professional counsel, research, and analysis. You never know who you will meet and when, and how they will impact your professional growth! It has been a pleasure to have The Minuet Group assist with creating a marketing strategy and materials for my professional speaking engagements, new business ventures, and national news commentary. The Minuet Group helped me through the ideation phase of possibly creating Harlem’s first half-marathon. The Minuet Group has a marketing and operational mindset that optimize conversations from ideas to next steps.  Lastly, as a featured political commentator on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and NewsOne, it has been a pleasure to have an independent voice provide me with research and critical thought that has strengthened my on-air commentary to a national audience. The Minuet group remains ambitious, diligent, and focused!”

– K. Jackson, President, Kwame, Inc., Contributor, CNN, Procter & Gamble, Harvard Business School

One conversation with The Minuet Group definitely changed my career path! They listened to my own personal goals and desires- what is important for me at this stage in my life and the things that are important to me. We reviewed my resume and went over my background. The Minuet Group was able to show me how my skills could be transferred to other industries. From this conversation, I boldly jumped at new opportunities in new industries and could not have been happier to make these steps! My life has changed for the better.”

K. Johnson, Manager, Healthcare Finance and Property Management, Milestone Retirement Communities, Washington, DC,


If you’re looking for a qualified professional consultant, look no further! The Minuet Group is the firm to get the job done! Back in 2015, I had the privilege of receiving consultation services from The Minuet Group, as they helped me to revise my resume. The Minuet Group was not only professional and knowledgeable but also thorough and patient with me throughout the process. 

The Minuet Group helped me to understand better, the key points that employers look for, from potential employee candidates in a resume. With his help, I was able to create a resume that was both impressive and succinct! The Minuet Group is multifaceted, innovative and disciplined in their approach to work. I wholeheartedly believe, that with The Minuet Group’s consultation, I was able to land the job where I am currently employed. I would highly recommend The Minuet Group consultation services to anyone in need of professional coaching and direction.”

A. Lloyd, LMSW, Licensed Master Social Worker, Family Preservation Therapist, St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, Fordham University Master of Social Work


With 25 years work experience and not conducting a job search in 15 years, The Minuet Group showed me how to conduct a modern job hunt. The Minuet Group transformed by professional brand. Their greatest ability was shortening my three-page resume down to one. With so much experience, I was emotionally tied to many of my successes. It is hard to be concise about yourself and at the same time you forget all your impacts. When you remember and write them on paper it is even harder to eliminate such vivid memories. The great thing about The Minuet Group was he allowed me to share the impact that I made in those roles and pointed out redundancies. We did an exercise where he went over the theory of how to showcase your brand and made it funny so I could see the impact. Talking to The Minuet Group is a breeze and they held me accountable. Big key when you are busy! FYI….At some point before meeting The Minuet Group you realize that you no longer want to reach out to friends to solve your problem as you are an established professional. However, The Minuet Group reminded me that the higher you go the lonelier it may get and a challenge to anyone is still a challenge. The Minuet Group’s expertise is talking to virtually anyone. Please use The Minuet Group while they are available and tell a friend.

A. Stent, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, Clinical Care Manager, Beacon Health Options, Columbia University School of Social Work, Master of Science in Social Work

“As a Spanish-speaking professional entering the Duke Fuqua MBA program and the American job market, The Minuet Group was invaluable to my transition. The Minuet Group asks unique questions outside of the template script professionals have been given. Their style is refreshing! The Minuet Group helped me to quantify my impact, researched unique tidbits to add to my narrative, and made my writing more concise. The Minuet Group have a strong ability to work with English as a Second Language (ESL) populations. For example, my writing would always say I could do this and The Minuet Group helped me craft a story that showed I had critical skills. From our countless exercises, some of the favorite questions that stick in my head are: why does the reader care about what you wrote? Do you have enough space to flesh out another idea? How can we write something so personal that nobody could use this story? What was your reason for this word, story, order, example, etc? The Minuet Group has the ability to be critical, funny, and sincere. Some people put you down with feedback; however, The Minuet Group lifts you. In applying for competitive corporate roles, The Minuet Group is an asset.”

N. Wittmer, Program Manager, Apple, Duke University Fuqua School of Business, MBA


The Minuet Group was instrumental in my success in consulting and in the business school application process. The Minuet Group provided professional development coaching on how I could improve my personal brand and soft skills as a consultant. Further, The Minuet Group helped me to expand my network within the consulting industry. As I prepared for submitting my business application, The Minuet Group provided coaching on test prep, essay construction and networking insights for top 20 business school programs. The Minuet Group helped me to design a personalized project plan for programs, take my application essays to the next level with revisions, and engaged in brainstorming exercises with me to highlight the best attributes of my extracurricular activities. The Minuet Group’s key strengths were effective communication, adaptability and project management. The Minuet Group supported me throughout the business school process and built a strong report with me. The best way to describe The Minuet Group is as an integrator, optimist, and pioneer.

C. Williams, Technology Consulting, Deloitte, University of Southern California MBA

“Oh boy! The Minuet Group, I have known them forever and it is a pleasure to have a fellow HR professionals provide you with career advice. Objective professional feedback when you need it is a god send! The Minuet Group was able to ask key questions to provide deeper explanation of the value that I brought to my team.”

S. Jean-Charles, HR Partner, NYC Department of Education; City University of New York- Baruch College, Masters in Industrial and Labor Relations

We are continually seeking the best talent for the team.

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